Chapter 1

Twurn the page.
I got through chapter one of the book today; no real accomplishment since that consisted of a whopping seven pages about the basics of Twitter. At least I haven’t quit in frustration yet, right?

As I inch farther into the book, I have a couple of concerns: the Twitter landscape is changing faster than the finality of a printed book will be able to convey, and the chief focus of the teachings may turn out to be making money off of the Twitter API, which is a tangental concern, at best, for me.

I just want to learn enough about the API to be able to talk to users and developers in an informed, interested, and engaged manner, and relate to the same concerns and quandries I might stumble upon during my use.

My final product idea is still very simple, little more than an attempt at a “Hello world,” but with a little something specific to my quest for Twitter employment. But the more that I bang away on this keyboard, the fewer of Dusty Reagan’s pages get read. So, see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.