Diving in the Deep End

Hello, Tweetie.
Without much idea of what I’m doing, I’ve jumped way ahead in the learning process. I was trying to change the services I use to shorten URLs and post pictures and video through Twitter for iPhone. If you look closely at the app, there is a fantastic manual filed under the “Settings” button.

The manual has five chapters, and covers everything you think it should. But my favorite part is the “Tips and Tricks” section. Without giving away all the secrets, I’d recommend you give it a look if you are using Twitter for iPhone; there’s some fun stuff in there.

Getting back to my original purpose, I was looking for a way to post images from my Twitter profile to my Instagram account, and use the Google URL shortener instead of one of the ones listed. The manual includes a site for more information on customizing your settings, but those pages have yet to shed any light on the subject for me. They describe how to use “custom endpoints” for image hosting and URL shortening, but at this point, I still have no idea what any of that means.

Back to the book. So for now, my short-term goals have changed a little, but I still intend to make a finished—but not necessarily ready-for-prime-time—application off of the Twitter API. I’ll keep plugging away, and keep you posted if I stumble on anything that resembles progress.

In the meantime, Twitter is auctioning off some holiday cheer, with proceeds going to Room to Read. There are some rare Fledgling wine bottles, lunch with Biz Stone, and a one-day internship. Bids are open until 16 December. Make a bid. Help a good cause. But don’t outbid me. See you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.