Flocking to the Fiesta

It’s holiday party season, and I write this after coming home from one. It wasn’t the one you think, though. If I keep working at this, I hope to be at Twitter’s party next year. I think I need to build something great first. And I’m working on that.

Although today was productive, it was full of disappointment. First, I missed the live chat this morning between assistant managing editor for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Peter Panepento and Twitter’s Social Innovation & Philanthropy Lead, Claire Diaz Ortiz. Next, I lost the intern-for-a-day Twitter auction to benefit the Fledgling Initiative. Lastly—and probably most importantly—I found a skip in one of my favorite Xmas records.

So, with a visions of holiday-themed beverages dancing in my head, I’ll settle my brain for a long winter's nap, hoping to see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.
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Author  Stephen R. Fox