Getting Started

Working from home.
I’ve had many blogs; created and destroyed. This one has been created and will live on until I get a new job. I’m hoping to document some career development during this down time, specifically learning the Twitter API in order to learn more about it, and build some thing off of it.

In an effort towards full disclosure, however, this overtly public attempt to learn a new skill is a blatant attempt to join the flock (translation: land a job at Twitter). The plan is that knowing more about the behind-the-scenes cogs, gears, and mechanics of Twitter will make me a more attractive candidate for Twitter in general, and Sean Garrett and the Twitter Communications Team specifically.

To start this process, I purchased the Twitter Applications Development for Dummies book. However, I know almost nothing about programming, and, being a recovering journalist, marketing writer, and social media manager, I’m sure that I’ll need a lot more than just one book to make something productive with their API. I have a few ideas about an app for the end result, but depending on the hurdles I encounter, I may have to adjust it as I the learning process progresses.

So, welcome to the inagural post. If you work at Twitter—or have worked with the Twitter API—and have any helpful suggestions, I’d love any advice you have to offer. I hope to post something every day, so, see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.
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Author  Stephen R. Fox