How to Tweet: Tutorial and Case Study

Our hero.
While packing for the return trip home, I came across this fine explanation of Twitter, thanks to an update from Jeffrey Zeldman. Jessica Hische’s instructions to her mother—and everyone else—make simple sense of a simple service, even detailing different ways to utilize it. As I read it, I thought of my own post about Twitter uses from earlier this month, specifically about what to do after learning to use Twitter’s vast array of information.

One person who has gotten this right is Newark Mayor Cory Booker. As his city attempts to dig out from the recent, powerful snowstorm, he has taken information from Twitter and put it into action. That is exactly how this new information age should work. You read. You learn. You act.

It’s inspiring to see how to use Twitter to make real changes in peoples’ lives. It’s why I want to work there. It’s why I started this bog. It’s why I am trying to build applications that make it easier to take Twitter’s flood of information and turn it into waves of results. You can be sure there will be more on this, right after I get home. But I wanted to use my free Virgin America Web access (thanks to Google Chrome) to share Mr. Booker’s tale. In case you hadn’t seen it on the Twitter Blog already.

Better late than never? Better see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.
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Author  Stephen R. Fox