Oh, Fluther

Jellyfish join the flock.
Twitter continues to acquire talent, just not mine. Today, they announced that the Fluther team would be joining them as Twitter employees. The post on the Twitter Blog explains that they admired their technical and entrepreneurial endeavors.

I don’t use Fluther, but from what I’ve seen, it reminds me of Quora. I need to spend a lot more time on the site to give you a complete review, and I feel like I owe it to the new Twitter employees to do so. It seems dismissive to compare them to Quora and leave it at that. If I find anything more interesting, I will post an update. But please give me some time; I feel like I’m chest deep in unwrapped Xmas gifts right now.

I do want to note that it’s a little odd to me that the acquisition does not include the product they built, but I know that Twitter recognizes good talent when they see it. So congratulations to everyone involved.
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Author  Stephen R. Fox