On the Twedia

Twitter on the media.
I’ve been making a little progress today, but I wanted to share something a bit more topical before it gets too stale. On last week’sOn the Media,” produced by WNYC, there were two segments about Twitter: one originally ran in April, but the other one is new.

First, OTM host Bob Garfield talked with New York Times columnist David Carr, 140 Character Conference host Jeff Pulver, TED Digital Marketing & Distribution lead Leigh Ferreira, and Forrester researcher Josh Bernoff. You can listen to their conversation from the New York conference below (or, just read the transcript):

Next, Garfield spoke with cofounder and former CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams. They discussed Twitter’s popularity, advertising opportunities, and future plans. It’s interesting to note Williams estimates that about a third of Twitter’s staff, 100 people, are dedicated to keeping the service up and running. Their dialog is below (unless you’d rather read it):

Since I haven’t decide if I’m going to post seven days a week, I might see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.