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Garbled Garber.
During Saturday’s MLS Cup, ESPN sent out a call for questions from Twitter to Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber, using the hashtag #FCBootRoom.

With the promise that a few of our questions would be posed to the Commissioner during the halftime interview, I—like many, many others—sent our queries.

“The best queries will be answered by MLS Commissioner Don Garber during the halftime interval.”
ESPN- The Boot Room, 01 December 2012

They asked one question from Twitter. 

One question. 


Here’s the single question asked of the commissioner from Twitter:

Here are the questions I had:

And here is a Storify collection of some others they missed:

And a couple of my favorites:

What a wasted opportunity; worse than Donavan’s miss in the first half. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the Final. We can discuss Beckham’s future when I see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.    
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Author  Stephen R. Fox