Fool on a Hill

The Internet is lying to you. Again. 

In a tradition that’s as frustrating as it is entertaining, many organizations, like Google, and NPR, and Google, and JIRA, and Google, and Hulu, and Google, and the White House, and Google played pranks on us. So many institutions took part in the foolishness, Lifehacker felt the need to collect them in their own post

Twitter even got in on the act, announcing that if you wanted to include vowels in your 140-character updates, you’d need to fork over $5 per month. But that’s not the most important update Twitter made 01 April, in my opinion. No, that honor goes to the announcement of the start of another new Hack Week.

Twitter’s Hack Weeks have been responsible for some of my favorite features, like EarlybirdTwitter for Mac, and access to our Twitter archive.

So, while some people are searching for treasure. I’ll be waiting for the real rewards which will result from Hack Week. We can discuss them when I see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.

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Author  Stephen R. Fox