Musically Inclined

Hunted down.
Twitter is launching a music service. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, since CNET broke the story about the We Are Hunted acquisition during SXSW. But the fact that the service is set to go live this weekend? That is big news.

Following a story from All Things D titled “Twitter’s New Music App Launches Friday,” it seems readily apparent that Twitter is set to raise the curtain on Twitter Music the same weekend that the spotlight shines on Coachella.

Of course, nothing is official until Twitter says so, and that team is still mum on the launch. But, as a side note, it is more than a little disappointing to see the launch of a new music service from Twitter without two of their biggest music fans involved: Sean Garrett and Matt Graves.

I’ve made no secret about my desire to join Twitter, especially the Twitter Communications Team. In addition to my love of (and obsession about) Twitter, both misters Graves and Garrett were large reasons why. Their passion for the service, expertise in their field, and love of music helped create the illusion of how easy it would have been for me to fit right in there, from day one.

But things change, people move on, and reality steps in. When Twitter Music finally does launch, I hope it lives up to everyone’s high expectations. We can talk about that when I see you on the ‘morrow, on the Web.