Welcome to one of the many places on the Web with information about Stephen R. Fox.

Stephen is a communications specialist living and working in the San Francisco Bay area. This is his work. These are his words. 


So, it’s a little strange that this is written in third person. 



At least to me it is.



To see his work experience, visit LinkedIn. For some work samples, you can go here. To follow his thoughts in real time, watch his Twitter feed. To see what he’s posted on Medium, here’s his profile. If you need to know where he’s been, Foursquare is your best resource. Want to know what he’s reading on the Web? Well, you can either check out his Google+ profile, or follow one of his Flipboard magazines.

That should be quite enough to let you know what he’s all about. He’s written some blogs, too, but you’ve read enough for now, don’t you think? 

Oh, one more thing: For recruiters, here’s a buzzword-heavy résumé to plug into your candidate-screening software.